About Me

I’ve been creating art most of my life. Here is a painting I did in Kindergarten. My dad has it hanging on the wall by his bookshelf.

I like visiting new places. I have been to Egypt, Honduras, Mexico, and Austria.

I love meeting new people. People are so interesting, I get to learn new things from everyone. I try to ask them as many questions as I can. Luckily, most people don’t get too annoyed with that!

At university I studied Art Education, which included a study of art history and of course many studio classes. My favorite studio classes were Intaglio Printmaking and Painting and Geometry.

I also studied Arabic language and culture. I got to live in Alexandria, Egypt for 3 and a half months. After my stay there I traveled around Syria and Jordan. I visited many mosques and museums. I ate many schewerma sandwiches and variations of hummus.


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