“Feed Our Future”

logotype: a graphic representation of or symbol of a company name or trademark and is often uniquely designed for quick recognition.

The Event is: 18 May 2011, 7pm

A charity fundraiser. Proceeds go to the local food bank.

By our Art Department. We’ll auction student-created ceramic vessels and give away soup to eat from your new bowl!

The Logo contest is:

Design a logo to be featured on advertisements for this event!

A simple figure.

1 to 3 colors.

Due this Friday (29 April).


What makes a good logo?

Simple and memorable. Try this exercise in pop culture:

What is the logo for the sports company Nike?

What is the logo for the car company BMW?

What color does Coca-Cola use for it’s logo?

A good logo intelligently uses the following elements:

Figure: the form, shape or outline of something in a composition. Usually a human, but sometimes an animal or an object.

pattern: lines, colors or shapes repeated.

balance: when composition appears unified; creates a sense of stability

symmetry: having both sides exactly the same


The Project is: 

Create a mini-mug to donate to this art event.

Objective: Work with the clay intelligently, figuring out proper timing for slipping/scoring the clay as well as various stages of dryness. Be able to follow directions to know the proper time for each step.

Three parts to the mini-mug:

Body- The walls of the vessel

Bottom- the lowest part of the vessel

Handle- the part we use to hold the vessel

included 5th grade State core:

Objective 1
Explore a variety of art materials while learning new techniques and processes.

Objective 2
Predict the processes and techniques needed to make a work of art. (Follow steps to create the body, bottom and handle of the mug).

Objective 3
Handle art materials in a safe and responsible manner.

(Carefully handle the clay dust and clean up afterward).


slab- clay which has been made flat by rolling.

throw- forming clay on a potters wheel, or in this case creating a slab.


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