Tibetan Sand Mandalas


Goal: Experience part of Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Project: Create a meditation wheel or mandala that has personal significance.

Important ideas: An important system of philosophy developed among ancient Asian cultures. Buddhism teaches:

1. Pain, suffering and sadness are natural parts of life.

2. Desire is the cause of suffering.

3. Overcoming desire is the only way to end suffering. Reaching that state is called nirvana.

4. Achieving nirvana is possible by following the Eightfold Path.

week 1- Mental focus- generate a pattern or shape.

Look at examples:

week 2- physical focus- add colors of sand to mandala



Week 1- study circles and how to draw them using compasses. Study mandalas through coloring pages. Talk about what shapes we see in the mandalas and explain some of the symbolism represented through the 8 Auspicious (promising success, fortunate) Symbols of Buddhism.

The 8 Auspicious Symbols...why on the feet?

Why on the feet?

Week 2

A great website for activities, practices and crafts having to do with Buddhism:


Week 3

Objective: Create a small scale sand mandala, which will be “wiped away”.

Project: Draw three shapes, one inside of the other. Choose colors to fill those shapes. You may “draw” patterns or pictures on top of those shapes using different colors of sand.

Tibetan monks often spend long hours working on their mandalas, only to let nature blow them away, or “ruin” them.

Second grade team request:

Read The Magic Paintbrush.

What would you paint if you had a magic paintbrush and anything you painted became real?


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