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Free Education and Free Rice

We signed up on Free Rice as OllertonsArt and our goal is 20,000 grains donated by the end of May! Today we earned 230 grains. We’re going to start a group called Monticello Academy! When the bell rings at the … Continue reading

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Art of the United States

the Big Idea: Early American artists reflected the spirit of the new nation and how it wished to see itself portrayed. Washington Crossing the Delaware Emanuel Leutze True stories?

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“Feed Our Future”

logotype: a graphic representation of or symbol of a company name or trademark and is often uniquely designed for quick recognition. The Event is: 18 May 2011, 7pm A charity fundraiser. Proceeds go to the local food bank. By our Art Department. We’ll auction student-created … Continue reading

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Big ideas: Grade 1 artists will study a few of all the generally recognized elements of art. In this lesson they will study texture. Objective: Study and recognize texture as an element of art. Week 1 Real Texture Project: Create an … Continue reading

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Tibetan Sand Mandalas

Kalachakra Goal: Experience part of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Project: Create a meditation wheel or mandala that has personal significance. Important ideas: An important system of philosophy developed among ancient Asian cultures. Buddhism teaches: 1. Pain, suffering and sadness are natural … Continue reading

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These very intelligent artists have been studying shape, and are now ready to move into form. Here’s what we’ve been working on: Creating forms out of salt dough–different colors. Creating a class form out of oil-based modeling clay. Creating a … Continue reading

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