“But you’re a vegetarian…”

On Friday I was snacking on some salsa and celery sticks. It was the end of the day, I needed a little boost. So while the 4th graders finished their projects, I munched. One student asked me, “What are you eating?” I finished what I was chewing (so polite of me) and said, “Oh, I’m just having some raw dragon flesh.” This student looked at me and several other students looked up from their work. “But Ms. O”, one of my artists said, “You’re a vegetarian…”

I love how 4th graders think. They’re smart and they also see what’s really important. We’ve been reading The Little Prince and using the document camera to look at Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s drawings. A few students in each 4th grade class correctly identified Drawing Number One.

Drawing Number One


About Ms. O

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