Hopi K’atsina

Goal: Compare Native American culture with Colonial/expansionist values.  This comparison utilize the art of Native Americans which has a secular and spiritual function.

Necessary Thought: Some things we’ll compare and categorize before beginning the physical project. Check out the presentation. Native American with a focus on Kachina

1st class: Classify, contrast, compare and sequence some ideas about Native American art in general, and specifically Hopi kachina culture.

Create Kachina sketches, or large sheets of paper where we keep our ideas. These will be kept in our art folders.

On the Kachina sketch, design a kachina that represents an ancestor, place, element or idea important to you. Draw a picture of that kachina and make up a story to tell where he or she came from and what is the purpose of that kachina.

2nd class: Using your Kachina sketch…

Project: Choose to create one of the following:

a. costume for a Kachina

b. mask of a Kachina

c. actual Kachina doll

Imagine you can use any material!  Predict what steps you’ll need to do to achieve your goal.

Develop your project over several class periods, using supplies in class.

Presentations will be given on these Kachina, and a “pantheon” of Kachina’s will be displayed in the school library.


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