Line- A Day (or two) at the Beach

Goal: Consider and observe spiral lines in nature. Invent curved, wavy, spiral lines after compiling a group of lines on your paper.

Bellringer: Begin class by asking students to use lines to draw different sizes and types of shells. Give students large sheets of paper and challenge them to fill the entire sheet. Focus on how they use line to describe the shapes.

What kind of a line creates this shell?

“What do you see in this painting?”

“What type of line did O’Keeffe use?”

“What happens to the lines and color as the line moves into the center of the spiral?”

“Where else have you seen this kind of line?”

Project: Line hunt! As astronomers we’ll use our telescopes to hunt for organic lines around the classroom. We’ll make a legend and travel around the planets to find these lines. We’ll later use lines to draw personal constellations or star patterns on scratch-board. We’ll experiment scratching thick lines, think lines and whatever we’d like.

2nd class period: We traveled to the beach to be able to firsthand observe shells and the lines they make!

Shell painting

Lines lines lines!

What do these lines look like to you?

Developing lines

Translate some of the drawings you did of the shells into large-scale paintings. If students took home their drawings, take a few minutes to review O’Keeffe’s painting, make some new drawings and start on the painting. EXPLORE line. Let artists  make whatever lines they’d like.  Students will not be allowed to use secondary colors. The primary colors, black and white are ok.


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