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Put pencil to paper and start making a line that eventually connects to itself. You just made a shape! Color and line help define shape. Sometimes lines themselves can be shapes.  Let’s discover which objects in this painting, called Parade … Continue reading

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Hopi K’atsina

Goal: Compare Native American culture with Colonial/expansionist values.  This comparison utilize the art of Native Americans which has a secular and spiritual function. Necessary Thought: Some things we’ll compare and categorize before beginning the physical project. Check out the presentation. … Continue reading

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Abstract Art

19 March 2011 The second graders drew images of abstract faces. We used plaster and life masks to cast realistic faces. Then we’re going to make them abstract by cutting, rearranging, appropriating other materials. Objective: Describe and create a piece … Continue reading

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Line- A Day (or two) at the Beach

Goal: Consider and observe spiral lines in nature. Invent curved, wavy, spiral lines after compiling a group of lines on your paper. Bellringer: Begin class by asking students to use lines to draw different sizes and types of shells. Give … Continue reading

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Inspired by…Early Americans

Goal: Integrate spiritual, functional and beautiful aspects into one personally meaningful artwork. Project: Design a symbol that represents a power, skill or characteristic of an animal or nature. Think of how strong water can be, or consider the patience of … Continue reading

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