My Best Guess…and tiles and calligraphy

Its okay to ask questions!

We’ve had more happening on this project! We had a visitor from the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake ( their website ). Here are some sample questions  that Mr. Muhammed addressed:

What sports do you like to play?

What are drinks like in Islam?

Which is your favorite pillar of Islam?

Do you like pizza?

What questions do you have from just looking?

I studied Arabic in Egypt a few years ago. I learned a lot about Islamic culture, but I felt inadequate to give the student artists answers to their questions. So we invited Muhammed. After he left, I had the students write any questions they still had or wish they would have asked. What would you ask?

In 4th grade we’ve begun a new project…learning about Islamic art. We’ve taken a contemporary approach by looking at artifacts which were gathered from the Middle East in the past 10 years. Here is a photograph of these artifacts grouped together.

Grouping of Artifacts

Students will research their object, trying to find out what it is, and IF it relates to Islam. We’re trying to find a connection between contemporary culture and the centuries-old Islam.

Here are some close ups of the artifacts:

Okay, I'll give you a hint.

I'll give you a hint here...

Here's a Hint...

You don't know yet...


1 Paragraph, written or typed. 5 Sentences total.

Talk to 2 other people. Write what they think then tell me what YOU think.

You can submit this in person or here on the blog!

Hope you had a relaxing break!

Tile Project

Project: design a tile, using any design, pattern or image you’d like to include. The only thing you’re not allowed to represent is a person.

Calligraphy Project

Like Chinese art, calligraphy is one of the most important Islamic arts.

This is because of al-Qur’an, the holy book containing the teachings of God received through the prophet Muhammad. The Qur’an is only really the Qur’ana when read, studied and recited in Arabic. So Muslims study Arabic to be able to worship properly. Most Muslims are not Arab…they don’t already speak Arabic! There are over a billion Muslims, and only a small percentage live in the Middle East! (Understanding Arabs )

Project: Using your own name, or the name of someone special to you, create or invent a way to show off that name. Consider making a small sketchbook, a special picture or invent a way to make that name look cool.


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26 Responses to My Best Guess…and tiles and calligraphy

  1. Amy says:

    you didn’t take a picture of the object that was assigned to me.

  2. Emily Murray says:

    My best guess is that it is a book that they read for good luck and i do think it relates to Islam because they wear the same clothes as in the book and the book looks like in one of the olden days. I think they read it because it believes in the same stuff as they do. My mom thinks it is book of Aladdin, she thinks it relates to Islams because they wear the same clothes as in the book.

    Emily Murray

  3. Kailey Hardy says:

    My Best Guss
    My best guss is that it is a tape. It has beutiful designs. I think it has muslum writing. It has a lot of colors. I think it is a music tape.
    I asked my friend and she said it looked like a muslum pic. Iasked my cosin and she said it looked like a mini book.

    by kailey hardy

  4. Aryanna Borland says:

    My Best Guss
    My Best Guss is that it is a picture of a muslum girl. It looks loike she is in the woods. It looks like she is eating a snack. It has many different colors. She is wereing lotts of clothes.

    My friend said it looks like an Indian eating a samwich.I asked my grandma she said it looked like a person in the woods

    by: Aryanna Borland

  5. Khris Thammavong says:

    My best guess is a blanket for a muslim.It is black and white and it has squiggly lines on it.It has strings in a bundle on the edge.It has different patterns on it.I think it is a rug kind of too because it is really big.It is huge and taller than my friend.

    My mom thinks it is for the females to cover their face.My dad thinks it is clothing

  6. Alan A. Rangel says:

    My best guess is that Muslim women use these head scarves for tradition. I asked my dad and he thinks that they use scarves as a respect of thier religion. I also asked my mom and she thinks to be protected from the dust cause in the middle East there is a desert.So thats my best guess. T he End.

    By: Alan Rangel MY BEST GUESS

  7. My best guess is, she’s a muslim woman. She’s eating a pie, it looks like she’s in the forest maybe having a picnic. She’s wearing a scarf around her head. Somebody that was with her, took this picture and it looks like she was not to happy about it, because her face looks surprised. She looks tired.
    What other people think:
    1. A woman having lunch or a snack in her break time.
    2. I think she’s eating a sandwich in her living room.
    I agree, it does look like she’s eating in a living room or some where inside a house.

    • Ms. O says:

      Arleth, you really thought about your answer…good job! This is a photograph of a Muslim woman eating a falafel sandwich. You’re correct that she is wearing a scarf around her head. That scarf (like Ryan told us in is “Best Guess”) is called a “hijab”. You’re also correct that she wasn’t too happy about getting her picture taken while she was snacking 🙂

  8. Zerin Gilmore says:

    The two people I asked to help me with this assignment said the cloth in the picture could be used by women to cover themselves as part of their beliefs for modesty. One person said the different colored cloth might be a modern choice instead of just wearing black. The other person appreciated the time it takes to make the cloth. She thought of the difficulty of creating cloth in the past without tools of today. I think the cloth could be a blanket or something worn to keep warm. Although it is thin, I bet it took a long time to make!

  9. Zerin Gilmore says:

    P.S. If you see a comment written by Sue Pyle, she was the third person I asked to help me.

  10. Emily Murray says:

    My best guess is that it is a book that they read for good luck. I think it does relate to Islam because they wear the same clothes as in the book. My dad thought it was a about a street rat that becomes a diamond in the rough. It relates to the middles east because it takes place in that area. My mom thinks its about Aladdin it relates to Islam because Aladdin is in a desert witch takes place in the same terrain as the book does.

    By: Emily Murray MY BEST GUESS

  11. Nicholai Gontcharov says:

    This is for the last photo:
    My Mom thought it was a stamp that was on letter and then cut out. It has image of east entrance to the pyramid. My dad thought it was a piece of paper with photo of the pyramid of Giza. It also looked like it had a purple stamp over it. I think it is a pass to see the third pyramid of Giza.

  12. I think the tape looking thingy is a tape of the Islam religion to teach them about their religion more. It is a colorful looking tape. There is a tan little tape inside the colorful container.

    My Dad said, he thinks its music abou

  13. Ammon Rose says:

    my item is a book called understanding Islam and Muslims. You didn’t take a picture of my object! My Mom said it was for how to learn their religion. My Dad said it was to help you get used to a place that your not familiar with. My best guess is it being made for people to know what Muslims do.

  14. My best guess it is a moon counter or moon teller. Witch I describe as something that shows what the moon is. I asked two people what they thing it is. My said it is a rock. my brother said it was a moon he said did I get it right . That was my best guess.

    • Ms. O says:

      Braden, you’ve got some great guesses! You’re correct about the importance of the moon in Islamic culture…that’s how they tell what time of the year it is. In fact, the current Islamic year is 1432! The crescent moon and the star are recognized as the symbol of Islam, and it’s featured on the flag of countries like Algeria and Tunisia.

  15. jonathan burgess says:

    I think my best guess is that i think it is a Arabic dollar. Maybe its used to spend on food. I want to go to Egypt some times, and maybe even spend it. I wish i went to Egypt with you.

  16. Sarah Ortega says:

    The woman look like from the Islam ( my mom said), she cover her head with a clothe and wear a big rob.
    Her eyes are big and black. The different fabrics has squeres with black and brown (preference color from the Islam my dad said).
    The book and the writting on it has so many caracters and points for sure is not Spanish(mi sister said). The money is so different from the american dollar.

  17. ryan beazer says:

    I think my object is a scarf that an Islamic woman might wear. I looked it up on google and it said these scarves are called hijabs. Not all of the women wear them. It is to show modesty and sometimes religious conviction.

  18. Logan McPhie says:

    My best guess:

    I think that the book is like scriptures to the Islamic religion.
    The book has pictures that to me looked like Allah.
    The Islamic people can find instruction from Allah in this book.
    My mom thinks that it is a story about the prophet.
    Possibly an autobiography on the Islamic peoples prophet.

  19. stockton archuleta says:

    I think that the cloth that is black and white is a blanket that the muslims use to keep themselfs warm.
    stockton archuleta

    • Ms. O says:

      Thanks for your idea Stockton! It helped me learn something new…I recently found out that the black and white scarf is called a “keffiyeh” and isn’t a part of Islam. It’s a political statement showing support for the country of Palestine! Now it’s popular in the states for teenagers to wear it as just a scarf.

  20. lavinia alatini says:

    My best guess is it is an old relatives necklace. My mom said it is a broach. And my dad said it looks like a tree.My brother said it looks like plain old jewelary.And my sister said it looks like an old lady’s kind of jewelary.

  21. Tressa Hunt says:

    I think that that 1 of them is a drawing that you drew & that the other 1 is a rock that somone carved into

    • Ms. O says:

      Tressa thanks for your best guess! You are correct; one of them is a drawing that I made. The other was a rock I found in the river that naturally featured a crescent moon!

  22. Tressa Hunt says:

    yey! I was right. wow that was really easy. thanks!

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