Movable habitat

I know some amazing third grade artists. They have the ability to think in different ways. As we get older our ability to think of new ways to do things is limited. My third grade artists are studying habitats, but I realized that they already know so much! Take a minute and make a list of places where animals live…how many could you list?


Here is a list the third graders thought up in less than a minute:

prarie, mountain, cave, rainforest, river, island, savannah, valley, clearing, desert, jungle, swamp underground, ocean, forest, meadow, arctic tundra.


Because these artists are so incredibly thoughtful, I wanted to challenge them with this assignment. They could choose whatever habitat they wanted, but were not allowed to use the most well-known animals. Here’s a list we made:

You can't include these animals!

So, third grade artists! Think of (or research and discover) 3 animals not on this list to include in your habitat. You also need 3 plants.


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