First grade geniuses.

First graders are so observant. To really learn about ‘Art from Long Ago’ I felt it was necessary to time travel. So we put on our “time travel shirts” (i.e., smocks) and went back in time so we could create cave paintings.

What would it be like to draw on the ceiling and walls of a cave?

We observed what life was like around us, and decided to make pictures of our favorite things. We were lucky enough to find an enormous cave, with great skylights and smooth walls. On our cave walls we decided to record and leave images of the things most important to us as human beings.

When we had safely time traveled back to the year 2010, students were excited to share what they had observed in the year “a long time ago”. I was informed there had been dinosaurs, no airplanes, loud monkeys and a stone car that the passengers had to hoist and move by running. I’m working on spraying the chalk cave drawings with fixative and setting up an exhibition in the hallway outside our studio.


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2 Responses to First grade geniuses.

  1. travelingmad says:

    Nice post. That is adorable! Children are so cute when they are that young and innocent.

    You must be a very patient person. God bless.

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